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Armonk, New York

Armonk is a census-designated place (CDP) located in the town of North Castle in Westchester County, New York. As of the 2000 census, the CDP population was 3,461.

Armonk is home to the global headquarters of information technology company IBM and bond insurer MBIA, and the Americas headquarters of reinsurer Swiss Re.

Smith's Tavern, an historical site and landmark of the Revolutionary War, is located in Armonk and is the home of the North Castle Historical Society. The North Castle Public Library, a member of the Westchester Library System, is also located in Armonk.



The Byram Hills Central School District serves North Castle, New Castle, Mount Pleasant, and Bedford. All of the schools in the district are located in Armonk. The district has one secondary school, Byram Hills High School (9-12), one middle school, H. C. Crittenden Middle School (6-8), and two primary schools, Wampus Elementary School (3-5) and Coman Hill Elementary School (K-2). Before 2002, grade 5 was in Crittenden, grades 3 and 4 were in Coman Hill, and grades K through 2 were in Wampus.

At the 2006 National Academic Championship, Byram Hills placed 1st.

H.C. Crittenden is the winner of the national blue ribbon award which is the no child left behind award; awarded to only .002% of schools nationwide.

Athletics included NY State finalist in Soccer, Runner ups in 2006. Coached by Matty "THE BUSKA" Allen. Led by all American Hayden Morris-C-SR, Josh Lewis-C-SR and Matthew Poulton-C-SR. 2007 State Champions, led by All-American, Gatorade Player of the Year for New York State, William Ogden-C-SR, and William Shaheen- C- JR. The following year in 2007, the soccer team placed first in New York State. The Byram Hills Track Team, coached by former NCAA All-American Greg Govan,and led by All-American's Max Kasak, John Granata, Nicholas Fasano, and Philip Cawkwell, has also achieved great success. With 18 All New York State honors and 13 All America honors in the past two years alone, the Byram Hills Track Team has established itself as one of the top teams in the Northeast.

Fordham University's Louis Calder Center is a biological field station established in 1967 for ecological research and environmental education. The Calder Center consists of 113 forested acres, with opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain hands-on skills in field biology and environmental studies. The Calder Center is one of the few field stations in North America with relatively undisturbed natural communities near a large urban center.


Annual events

Armonk plays host to several events that take place annually. Most notably is the Armonk Outdoor Art Show, a fine art and fine crafts juried show sponsored by Friends of the North Castle Public Library, where nearly two hundred artists working in various media gather in IBM Park to show and sell their work to patrons. The event draws a big crowd every year and involves many members of the local community as volunteers. The proceeds from this show and the Art After Dark Preview Party fund raiser held prior to the opening benefit the North Castle Public Library and its Whippoorwill Hall performance auditorium. The Friends also sponsors the Armonk Players, a community theater group that stages two full productions and several readings each year at Whippoorwill Hall to benefit the library.

In addition, the Armonk chapter of the Lions Club sponsors a Fol-De-Rol, held during either the first or second weekend in June. The three day event takes place in Wampus Brook Park and by Wampus Elementary School. It is very similar to a country fair in that it draws local businesses and artisans to come set up tents and sell their merchandise. In addition, local restaurants set up tents to sell food and there are rides and midway games for children. Also, local student and professional music groups play in the gazebo to entertain the crowds.

Furthermore, Armonk also holds a community-wide Relay For Life during the first weekend in May. This event is sponsored locally by the Byram Hills chapter of Youth Against Cancer (commonly referred to as YAC).

Lastly, the Byram Hills High School, towards the beginning of the school year, holds homecoming. It is when the whole town is welcome and the high school students rally to show the school spirit. They hold soccer matches, field hockey matches and on the actual day of homecoming, there is a football game held. During the school day (not open to the whole town), the representing students from each grade compete against each other to win the whole school over. It lasts for 5 days, a school week, and students from all schools wear their school colors on all 5 days.


Housing boom and construction

Armonk experienced a surge in new housing construction and development beginning in the late 1990s. New condominiums, townhomes, and large stately mansions were constructed primarily north of the Armonk Business District and just to the west. The construction solidified Armonk's newly established reputation as an upper-crust town, with the residents profile moving away from the middle-working class and towards a much wealthier upper-class image. In the most recent construction project, Antares Real Estate of Greenwich, Connecticut purchased the long-standing Schultz's Cider Mill just south of Main Street, only to have it razed and in its place construct a premium gated townhouse and family home community (named "Cider Mill"). As a result, the population of Armonk increased significantly, but caused the public schools to become overcrowded and push forth a series of expensive school expansion projects that significantly raised property taxes.

Much of the new construction was pinned on the connections that former Town Supervisor John Lombardi had with the areas construction and development companies. In 2005, after over 40 years in office, Lombardi was ousted in the election by political newcomer Reese Berman. A former librarian at the town's middle school, Berman's campaign promise was to put a moratorium on new residential construction to be enacted during her term in office. As of Berman's election, no new purely residential projects have broken ground in Armonk. A new community; Cidermill was added in 2007-2008.


Armonk Square

Antares has announced plans to acquire a three acre lot in downtown Armonk and convert it into an open air pedestrian mall. In addition to adding new commercial property downtown, Antares also announced that the property would contain modestly priced townhouses as well, aimed at keeping empty nesters and seniors in the community.


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