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Connecting the Cables


Connecting Your Monitor
Locate your monitor cable. If your monitor came with a DVI cable and your computer is equipped with a DVI port (F or O), then use this cable, otherwise use the VGA cable and connect to the VGA port (N).

Connect one end to the respective port in the back of the monitor. If your computer is equipped with a video card (M), then connect the other end using the video card's DVI (O) or VGA (N)port, otherwise use the onboard DVI (F) or VGA (G) port.

Connecting Your Mouse & Keyboard
Locate your mouse & keyboard. If they are PS/2 compatible, then use the PS/2 ports (E), otherwise connect them using the USB ports (H).

Connecting Your Speakers
All Beyonex desktop systems either come with a speaker system or have built-in speakers with the monitor. If your desktop came with a speaker system, then read the documentation accompanied with it before connecting them. If no speaker system, then you will find an audio cable (usually green) with the monitor. Connect one end of the audio cable to the back of the monitor, the other end to the audio port (L) on the back of your computer.

Connecting Your LAN
If you ordered a network cable or already have one, connect one end to the network port (J) on the back of your computer, the other to either your router, cable modem, or whatever device you use to access the Internet.

Connecting the Power Cords
Connect one end of one of the power cords to the monitor, the other to an electrical outlet, preferably a surge protector. Repeat this step for the second power cord, though connecting one end to the back of the computer (C).

Optional Components
If you ordered any optional components, such as a printer or wireless network adapter, please refer to the documentation of these devices before connecting them.

Turning Your System On
Before you do, make certain the power switch (B) on the back of the computer is in the ON position with the 'line', not the 'circle', being depressed. You are now ready to boot your system - press the 'On' button in the front of the case and you're ready to go.




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